Who needs a blue card?

Volunteers and trainee students need a blue card if their work or practical placement in sport and active recreation includes, or is likely to include, providing services that are directed mainly towards children, or conducting activities that mainly involve children, unless an exemption applies.

Police officers and registered teachers do not apply for a blue card and should instead apply for an exemption card under this category if they are providing child-related services which are outside of their professional duties. Read more about applying for an exemption card (PDF, 231KB).

If you fall into the following categories, you don't need a Blue Card:-

  • Parents volunteering in children’s sport or active recreation events in which their own child is participating (note – volunteer parents should speak to the volunteer coordinator of the organisation they intend to volunteer for about the nature of the child-related activities they will be involved in, and whether they differ from the activities in which their child participates),
  • Adults participating in sport or recreational activities with children, for example as a team member.

If you require a blue or exemption card under this category you will need to complete and submit an application form.

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